Dr. Erin TeWinkel, ND

Confident answers for confused adolescents (and their parents)

I provide a voice and choice to teen’s for their healthcare.

Youth are our future.

We need to optimize their potential. Step away from the over-medication and silencing of their symptoms. Let’s look at the root cause and give them access to their health in a way that has never been offered to them before.

We need our teens to change the world - to do this they need their health, not pills.

The traditional system is broken.

To demand higher health for our youth, the over medication needs to stop. We can achieve lifelong access to one’s health when we step outside the box - and thats what I am here to do.

I use a functional root cause based approach - getting answers, empowering teens and creating lasting wellness.



Hi! I’m Dr. TeWinkel

The Teen Wellness Warrior! I’m on a mission to improve teen wellness and build their foundation so that they own their health for the rest of their life.

I believe that if teens are supported in their health early on, the stage for success can really be set. I’m here as a mentor to empower the teen throughout the many ups and downs of adolescence. Teens have an immense unharnessed potential – I want to help ensure the potential shines.

Hormonal struggles, acne, painful periods, anxiety and depression, dieting and healthy weight management – all of these can be addressed with a tailored plan to each teen.

When we build the proper foundations of health they have access to health for the rest of their life.

Available at two Locations:

Compass Health

2242A Bloor St W Toronto ON M6S 1N6


Postma Fitness Nutrition and Wellness Center

90 Catherine St Blenheim ON N0P 1A0



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